Building with Nix

While Nix can be used to quickly open a shell with all dependencies for the standard setup installed, the user-facing Nix Setup can also be used to work on Lean.


Follow the setup in the link above; to open the Lean shell inside a Lean checkout, you can also use

# in the Lean root directory
$ nix-shell -A nix

On top of the local and remote Nix cache, we do still rely on CCache as well to make C/C++ build steps incremental, which are atomic steps from Nix's point of view. To enable CCache, add the following line to the config file mentioned in the setup:

extra-sandbox-paths = /nix/var/cache/ccache

Then set up that directory as follows:

sudo mkdir -m0770 -p /nix/var/cache/ccache
# macOS standard chown doesn't support --reference
nix shell .#nixpkgs.coreutils -c sudo chown --reference=/nix/store /nix/var/cache/ccache

Basic Build Commands

From the Lean root directory inside the Lean shell:

nix build .#stage1  # build this stage's stdlib & executable
nix build .#stage1.test  # run all tests
nix run .#stage1.update-stage0  # update ./stage0 from this stage
nix run .#stage1.update-stage0-commit  # ...and commit the results

The stage1. part in each command is optional:

nix build .#test  # run tests for stage 1
nix build .  # build stage 1
nix build  # ditto

Build Process Description

The Nix build process conceptually works the same as described in Lean Build Pipeline. However, there are two important differences in practice apart from the standard Nix properties (hermeneutic, reproducible builds stored in a global hash-indexed store etc.):

  • Only files tracked by git (using git add or at least git add --intent-to-add) are compiled. This is actually a general property of Nix flakes, and has the benefit of making it basically impossible to forget to commit a file (at least in src/).
  • Only files reachable from src/Lean.lean are compiled. This is because modules are discovered not from a directory listing anymore but by recursively compiling all dependencies of that top module.

Editor Integration

As in the standard Nix setup. After adding src/ as an LSP workspace, it should automatically fall back to using stage 0 in there.

Note that the UX of {emacs,vscode}-dev is quite different from the Make-based setup regarding the compilation of dependencies: there is no mutable directory incrementally filled by the build that we could point the editor at for .olean files. Instead, emacs-dev will gather the individual dependency outputs from the Nix store when checking a file -- and build them on the fly when necessary. However, it will only ever load changes saved to disk, not ones opened in other buffers.

The absence of a mutable output directory also means that the Lean server will not automatically pick up .ilean metadata from newly compiled files. Instead, you can run nix run .#link-ilean to symlink the .ilean tree of the stdlib state at that point in time to src/build/lib, where the server should automatically find them.

Other Fun Stuff to Do with Nix

Open Emacs with Lean set up from an arbitrary commit (without even cloning Lean beforehand... if your Nix is new enough):

nix run github:leanprover/lean4/7e4edeb#emacs-package

Open a shell with lean and LEAN_PATH set up for compiling a specific module (this is exactly what emacs-dev is doing internally):

nix develop .#mods.\"Lean.Parser.Basic\"
# alternatively, directly pass a command to execute:
nix develop .#stage2.mods.\"Init.Control.Basic\" -c bash -c 'lean $src -Dtrace.Elab.command=true'

Not sure what you just broke? Run Lean from (e.g.) the previous commit on a file:

nix run .\?rev=$(git rev-parse @^) scratch.lean

Work on two adjacent stages at the same time without the need for repeatedly updating and reverting stage0/:

# open an editor that will use only committed changes (so first commit them when changing files)
nix run .#HEAD-as-stage1.emacs-dev&
# open a second editor that will use those commited changes as stage 0
# (so don't commit changes done here until you are done and ran a final `update-stage0-commit`)
nix run .#HEAD-as-stage0.emacs-dev&

To run nix build on the second stage outside of the second editor, use

nix build .#stage0-from-input --override-input lean-stage0 .\?rev=$(git rev-parse HEAD)

This setup will inadvertently change your flake.lock file, which you can revert when you are done.

...more surely to come...


Since Nix copies all source files before compilation, you will need to map debug symbols back to the original path using set substitute-path in GDB. For example, for a build on Linux with the Nix sandbox activated:

(gdb) f
#1  0x0000000000d23a4f in lean_inc (o=0x1) at /build/source/build/include/lean/lean.h:562
562	/build/source/build/include/lean/lean.h: No such file or directory.
(gdb) set substitute-path /build/source/build src
(gdb) f
#1  0x0000000000d23a4f in lean_inc (o=0x1) at /build/source/build/include/lean/lean.h:562
562	static inline void lean_inc(lean_object * o) { if (!lean_is_scalar(o)) lean_inc_ref(o); }